Our Journey

In 2019, at Hooked Coolers, we perceived an unmet need in the cooler market. Amid a sea of products, few could seamlessly blend functionality, affordability, and aesthetics. Thus began our ambitious endeavor: to craft coolers that not only serve daily needs but also stand out in both performance and style.

The Hooked Advantage

Every Hooked Cooler promises enduring value and unparalleled dependability. We're not just selling a product; we offer a lifetime warranty, ensuring that our commitment accompanies you on every adventure. Furthermore, from our Florida base, we guarantee swift and cost-free shipping for every purchase.

What truly sets us apart are the distinctive features we've incorporated into our coolers. From the practical wheels on our larger models to the handy in-built bottle openers, cup holders, fishing rulers, and easily detachable handles, every detail is meticulously thought out. And to ensure our coolers resonate with the vibrancy of outdoor adventures, they come in shades inspired by southeastern coastal cities: Seafoam, Carolina Blue, Tan, White, and Pink.

Diverse Needs, One Brand

Whether you're on a solo daytrip or a long group expedition, there's a Hooked Cooler tailored for you. From our compact Hooked 25 with its ergonomic metal handle to the spacious, wheeled Hooked 115, we've got you covered. Our promise? Extended ice retention, ensuring your contents stay chilled for days on end.

Veteran-Owned, Customer-Centric

Proudly standing as a veteran-owned and operated enterprise, our roots lie deep in Brevard County, Florida. It's here that we envision, design, and dispatch our line of coolers and accessories. For us, customer support isn't just a service; it's a cornerstone. Our dedicated team, spread from coast to coast, is ever ready to address your queries, ensuring that we're with you, no matter the hour or place.

Join us and experience the cooler revolution with Hooked Coolers.

Our commitment to sustainability can be found here.