We put together some tips to ensure you get the longest ice retention possible.

  • If your cooler is warm to start consider putting a small bag of ice or ice pack inside several hours before needing the cooler to “pre-chill” it.
  • The main factor for ice melting fast is not filling the cooler completely with ice. Leaving large gaps will make the ice melt drastically faster.
  • For maximum ice retention, use a 2:1 ice to drink ratio.
  • Time to get nerdy 🤓 Large blocks of ice will last longer than small blocks of ice. This is due to less surface area for the ice to conduct heat through the air. Using crushed/shaved ice will significantly reduce ice retention time.
  • Not all ice is created equal. Some ice is colder than others. You can tell by how fast the ice melts in your hands.
  • Make sure you are starting with cold drinks. Using warm/room temperature drinks will shorten the ice's lifespan as the cooler expends energy just to chill the drinks.
  • As much as possible, keep the cooler out of direct sunlight and off surfaces that can get very hot, like asphalt.

Remember the number one rule, stay cool😎