Hooked 25

$229.99 $169.99
Color: Seafoam

The Hooked 25 quart cooler is a great cooler for 1-2 people taking a trip to the beach or a little cruise on your boat. It has a heavy-duty, upright metal locking handle so you can carry this cooler with one hand.

The Hooked 25 quart cooler is extremely durable, holds 27 cans (including ice), and can retain ice for up to 5 DAYS!

While the Hooked 25 quart cooler has a nice metal locking handle, the Hooked 25 does not have built-in wheels like the Hooked 75.

Don't forget to check out some top accessories that work well with this cooler, most customers typically order a basket and divider.

Hooked 25 Quart Top Features

  • Integrated Bottle Openers
  • Built-in Cup Holders 
  • Impressed Lid Fishing Ruler (0" to 12")
  • Molded Tie-Down Slots
  • Heavy Duty Metal Locking Handle
  • Quad Non-Slip Feet
  • High Flow Drain Plug
  • Dual Integrated Locking System
  • Airtight Gasket Seal
  • Rugged Rubber T-Latches
  • Rotomolded
  • Weight: 16.5 lbs
  • Inside Dimensions: 14.3"x8.5"x11.1"

Hooked Coolers 25

Here's A Review Of The Hooked 75Q

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