Cable & Lock


This is the perfect accessory for securing your Hooked Cooler, fishing rods, chairs, or anything which has an opening larger than a 1/4" hole.

  • Able To Fully Open And Close Cooler Lid While Locked.
  • 8' Cable Aircraft Quality Vinyl Coated Galvanized 7x19 Strand Cable.
  • 3/16” Diameter Cable With A 1/4” Stainless Steel End Fitting.
  • Tested To Withstand 500lbs Of Force.
  • Universal To Fit Any Lock Up To 9/32” (7mm) Shackle Diameter.

The unique stainless steel locking plate allows the cable lock to be used in many configurations and does not require both ends of the cable to be connected into a loop like many other cable locks.

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