Cooler Lid Pads

Color: Snow Camo
Install Before Shipping Cooler:

Treat your Hooked Cooler to a nice non-skid marine deck pad.

This pad is non-porous, anti-slip, non-absorbent, and low maintenance. This pad comes in a variety of colors.

The pad total height is 6.5mm, ~.5mm of this is 3M adhesive.

This pad is easy to clean with any kind of deck soap and a soft/medium or stiff-bristled deck brush. Household products can be used to clean stains such as Simple Green, 409, and Dawn.

Please refrain from using bleach or any kind of acid-based cleaner such as Soft Scrub, Mary Kate's Hull Cleaner, etc..

The Hooked Cooler Lid Pad's life expectancy is 5-7 years, potentially longer if stored out of the weather conditions, and has an operational temperature of 176º F.

Hooked Lid Pads comes with a 3-year warranty and this certifies that your product is free from defects in workmanship and materials at the time of installation.

If you wish to install the lid pad yourself, please see the lid pad installation instructions here. We love when our customers like to get dirty and save money in some places but we strongly advise to have our team professionally install your lid pad prior to shipping out your cooler (we do many of these everyday and will ensure you have a perfectly installed lid pad prior to shipping out your new cooler). 

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