Blemished Hooked 75

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From time to time, we offer slightly blemished coolers for sale at a discounted price. These are still held to the same quality and standards as a full-priced cooler but have visual imperfections.

A blemished cooler will contain light scratches, or swirl marks, or a small dent on the cooler lid or base.

All blemished coolers are personally inspected by the Hooked Coolers Team to ensure optimal performance and functionality prior to shipping out. These coolers still come with Lifetime Warranty included with your purchase + FREE Shipping (orders ship within 24-48 hrs, click here to see our transit times).

These blemishes do not affect the function or performance of the cooler in anyway and all blemished coolers still come with the same features as a non-blemished cooler (bottle openers, cup holders, removeable handles, drain plus, and built-in wheels on the 75 & 115). The coolers will still retain ice from 5 days (Hooked 25) up to 10 days (Hooked 75 & 115).

For more detailed production information and customer reviews about the Hooked 75, please visit the product page here.

The product pictures shown are not represented of the actual blemishes and unfortunately, due to the volume we cannot take pictures of the individually blemished cooler.

All blemished cooler sales are final and additional discounts cannot be used with these marked down coolers.

The inventory is continually updated daily. If you see the color you want is sold out, this is because we do not have any remaining blemished cooler inventory for this color variant option. Feel free to check the other color options and sizes.


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